Install KOCI and K-Addons

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Please read and follow below steps carefully

Click the icon below to download APP .
Click Download button.
The downloading page will show up afterwards. Go back to download K-Addons.
Click the icon below to download APP K-Addons.
App and K-Addons are downloading as below.
They must be installed successfully before using.
After finishing the installation, go back to home page and click APP K-Addons in all apps as below.
Categories of the add-ons
Choose one category and open it, enter into a page like:
Click one add-on and start installing,The pinkish red line is progress bar.
Multiple add-ons can be installed at the same time. Close K-Addons when聽
the add-ons finish installing. Then click APP and you will find聽
the add-ons you installed.
WARNING: If you have another version of , please uninstall it before taking
above actions and installing. The steps to uninstall old version of is as below:
Go to Settings--> Apps--> Downloaded apps--> Uninstall-->OK and uninstall
your old APP .After that,you could do above steps.

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